Get AUTHENTIC Direct Primary Care

Healthcare how it should be… between a doctor and a patient.


Dr. Rachal Mittleman, MD

What is Direct Primary Care?

(DPC) is an innovative, exciting model for healthcare that is fashioned after the vintage, small-town-doctor style of practice.  You have a doctor that knows you and is there for you when you need them.  You pay a reasonable monthly fee, and you are a member of the practice.

You get the care that you need when you need it. It is traditional primary care, but better.  No involvement or interruption from insurance companies.  Relaxed, longer visits.  Your doctor intentionally keeps the practice smaller (400-500 patients vs 1500-2000), so you don’t have to compete for appointments and time with the doctor.

Your time with the doctor can be in person or via video, phone, email, or text.  You have easy access to YOUR doctor for questions, clarifications and updates between visits.

Direct Primary Care Advantages

  • Access

    • Same day/ next day appointment with your doctor
    • Visit and communication frequency decided between you and your doctor

  • Convenience

    • Minimal if any wait times
    • Email or text your doctor
    • Tele-medicine is available
    • Low-cost Rx dispensing in the office (no controlled meds)

  • Dependability

    • Doctor is available for urgent issues anytime
    • Routine appointments outside of typical office hours available by appointment

  • Consistency

    • One doctor, one patient

  • Affordability

    • Monthly fee covers all primary care visits and communications
    • Discounts on prescriptions
    • Use your insurance if desired for other medical costs such as prescriptions from pharmacies, tests, specialists etc.
    • No copays and no deductibles

  • Better Health Outcomes

    • Studies show better health, less use of urgent care

  • Independence

    • No delays, approvals or denials by outside parties.